Here i am giving some brief information about the flours. There are many types of flours so make sure that you use the perfect flour for your recipes. Using Organic stone ground flour because they will add flours as well as texture to baking.

For baking the measurements make lots of difference. So please make sure you measure everything properly.

Many bakers use different flours for the same recipes or different flour for same recipes. Don’t get confused !

1. Soft Flour

This flour contains less Gluten then other flours. This also called as Sponge flour. The soft flour is used for baking Cakes, Muffins ,Biscuits, Pie crusts and pan cakes. This is all we use as All purpose flour.

2. Hard Flour

This flour made from hard wheat which contains a high proportion of gluten. This flour can be used for making breads.

3. Whole meal flour

This flour contains the complete wheat kernel, it gives a coarse texture and good flavour to bread. This contains hing fiber and over all good from the white flours.

4. Self -raising Flour

This flour also know as Phosphates flour. This contains low-proteins. This is used for baking biscuits, short brads but Never for yeast breads.
This flour can be done at home by using 1 cup All purpose flour and 1 tsp Baking powder and salt. (make use use proper measurements).


  • All flours must be kept in cool and dry.
  • All flours have there own life shelf. So try to not keep any flours more then 6 months.
  • Do not store flours near Onion & soap powder.
  • If flour smells bad, change in color then throw away.

You can always visits wikipediea or any other flour information site if your not clear with this above information.

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